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Buttons & Bullets

" devIMS carries the legends of the past, excels than the present and simulates the future all to assure the clients the absolute web experience "

Every thing in our world today has become crisp. With the advent of micro-blogging, 20-20 cricket matches etc; the generation today is also catching up with the fast pace and crisp communication

That leaves the websites of today also with many changes. While we have our own blogs and articles giving vast information on services and business to regular customers, the first impression is laid in the precious time when the visitors are casually visiting your website for information. This is precious and the information we provide needs to be crisp and clear. What make the crisp information more admirable are the buttons and bullets that precede them

Why buttons and bullets?

Information with buttons and bullets always arrest attention. People tend to surf the bullets only

Buttons and Bullets design can be aligned to your template design and logo design. Now the smallest member of your website also speaks your own business-branding language

Bullet designs can enhance the readability of the viewer

Buttons can emphasize the important information that you think the visitors should never miss

Buttons and Bullet designing

Web designing does not stop only with the template designs or logo designs. At devIMS we believe that entire website should speak and work for the business. Hence bullet and button design section of devIMS gives special emphasis on the graphical images used and the clip arts designed for this purpose

We believe that a special need to be taken in the minute things and that accounts for perfection. devIMS believes that small things make a perfect shape and getting a perfect shape to a website is not a small thing. Thus bullets and buttons designed for various pages, will be designed tin such a way that it takes the visitor to a journey without a realization that he / she is in a website

devIMS believes in the purpose getting solved. The bullets of clear information are shot to the hearts of your customers and buttons get imprinted in their thoughts, all to make their web experience memorable, wanting them to come to you for business

We offer you amazing offers in bullet designing. You can use the following samples for your own use, and the good news is that you need not to pay a penny for it. We believe in connecting to people and hence it is free. In case you want to customize your website and the bullets in your site, you can always contact us. Our graphic images specialists are awaiting your entry so that they can serve you with their intellect (of course they go on a high when they work with interested and enthusiastic people like you)

Affordability, Customer service and professionalism are some of the obvious deliverables with devIMS. Be it logo designing or template designing, or aligning the bullets and buttons to your website templates, devIMS will intervene in a special way that will make a great change in your website

Welcome to our world where we treat web to be your partner for success