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Shopping cart customization

" devIMS carries the legends of the past, excels than the present and simulates the future – all to assure the clients the absolute web experience "

devIMS offers you the best shopping cart customization, we offer excellent

designs and layouts that are custom developed to meet the requirements of your business for an unbelievable online shopping experience! Our customized ecommerce shopping cart system will easily integrate into your new website or with the existing website. You need not worry about the product display and ordering process as they are database driven. devIMS isn’t offering you another ecommerce shopping cart software or customized third party shopping cart. There is no software to rent, buy or lease and no annual fees to pay.

When devIMS can provide you with the best shopping cart customization, then why to opt a pre-made ecommerce shopping cart for your website? So here is what devIMS can offer you:

  • Customized layouts designs for your website - The shopping cart system web pages are designed to have neat look and a feel that will just sink with the rest of the website. The navigation within the entire website is maintained.
  • Product and customers database remains with you – The databases are custom developed which will carry the information which you require.
  • Customized product view - Images of the products and information displayed are presented by the way you wanted.
  • Customized ordering - Ordering of merchandises with the exception of payment processing is done within your own website. Payment Gateway Account and Merchant Account are required for processing payments.
  • Customized email receipts for your customers.
  • Customized "Thank You" display after payment process.
  • Customized reports with data entry screens.
  • Option to add new features, etc.