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" devIMS carries the legends of the past, excels than the present and simulates the future all to assure the clients the absolute web experience "

A website is like a complete home and its pages like its own rooms. Like your home has a similar basic aesthetics throughout, a website needs a basic design on which pages will be inscribed. Web pages and Web designs go hand in hand only through Templates. Template design is very important for a website because, it is the root of the websites’ web design and it carries more value than you could ever imagine

When you think of a website template design, you may have to come across the following factors:

Target of Templates: It is rather important to find out what is the product you are actually looking for and for which service it is going to address itself to. Web Templates, Website Templates, Flash Templates, Flash CMS Templates, Flash Intro Templates, E-commerce Templates, CMS & Blog Templates, Corporate Design templates, Logo Templates are some of the website template designs from which you will have to choose the best one that suits for you

Category of Templates: A category of a template symbolizes itself for the style of the template design. Your website and your business may appeal to one type of people or one category of minds or even universal in appeal. Be it entertainment or arts or professional or business or services or corporate, the category of the template web design is very vital for a choice.

Type of Templates: You may fix that flash is the main player of your website or simple web design to rule the space with inputs of flash intro designs. There are many styles such as XHTML or CSS templates or even HTML templates

Look and Feel: The most compromised factor while designing a template is the look and feel of a template, because of the costs involved. [CN] offers best quality look and feel in a more affordable price. While deciding a template design, the color that best suits the purpose of your website and the fonts are of equal importance as the technicalities are

devIMS can promise all these factors to be taken care of by the impressive and intellectual team of designer experts. While these factors form the main crux of your choice of a template design, a website also depends on other factors such as time and money. With devIMS’s professional services, time is always a customer’s delight. While we work on your templates, we always keep you informed and updated. With [CN]’s expertise into consideration and our versatile experiences, our services are very reasonable and reliable

Template designs are as important as the basic design for a house. [CN] is proud to partner with you in giving you the basis of your website

Template Re-design

If your website is already running and you think it needs a makeover, do drop in to discuss with us, the design specialists, for giving the respect your website deserves. Template redesigning is our delight as we are in an atmosphere where every member strives to innovate every day. We update our designs every day and you can see it yourself here below

We are pioneers in template redesign giving the necessary inputs required to carry out the process in a more efficient way. We analyse, assess, plan and act on the website that is already present. We also give much attention to the parts of your website which is doing well and which is not. We revamp the entire website and fragment them into beautiful pieces of art and articulation. Then we combine them together which is your dream turning into reality. Successes to your business are just on the way

Free downloads

We are pleased to share with you our exquisite collections of different types of templates absolutely free for you. We are happy to offer you XHTML/CSS templates, HTML templates, Flash templates free of cost. Our designers couldn’t sop designing and creating and hence we have the following. Check this space frequently for more template designs

The good news is that you can just download the template and it is ready for use. Templates created by us are more compatible with most html editing software programs like FrontPage, Dreamweaver etc. We provide all free templates in Zip files including PSD, images and CSS files for easy and efficient editing. You can just unzip the files, add content and graphics and go ahead with your business

devIMS – a true pioneer in the template design industry