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A digital content experience offered by Google known as Google Play which helps you to find music, movies, books, application and games for android users. Your content is instantly available where you can access it from web or can use your android device for an entertainment hub. With the popularity of smart phones and mobile devices there is also an exponent increase in downloading music, e-book, multimedia and entertainment applications. This is the reason why lot of companies go for application development process. To simply say about Google Play is that it is the collection of books, music, and an android market.

Android apps which are more needed for smart phone, iPhone, iPad users are facing a high competition in its usage. If you are an Android developer and have developed apps based on people’s requirements or marketing strategy or from your own interest and have to market application which should attain people and should come in to use for their need then we would provide you the beat service marketwise.

devIMS entered in to the new world of mobile application marketing. We pride to say that we provide this service as the first one in SEO world. Giving best ethical SEO for our clients has made us to stand as one of best SEO service in this competitive world. We have diverse range of experts in application optimization where can provide number of suggestions and options for your development. We have already proved by reaching and satisfying our client’s requirements with good results.

Why need a Google play services?

If your application got developed then give it to users to use it in wide range of devices. It is strongly recommended that you should upload it to Google Play before sharing with anyone else or else there is a chance to get published by someone else. This may not occur often but to be aware of. By using Google Play services your apps takes advantages on Google powered services. This makes users to receive faster updates.

Google Play store delivers a service portion where the developers need not wait for their carriers by updating their android versions. To say as short, Google pushes the updates to its products by keeping them up to date.

Why Us?

At devIMS our specialized team start up with a launch strategy which will give a right beginning for your application in android market. We offer packages for Applications Store Optimization (ASO) for new and existing apps on iOS, Windows, Blackberry and Nokia platforms.

To improve your search in app store list and also to rank good in apps store list through our strong category recommendations we are here to provide a good guidance.

Our Application Store Optimization (ASO) includes:

On-Page Relevance Factors

Keyword Search: We make sure to achieve your apps by targeting on keywords which people mostly search. A right choice of your keyword will be given by our experts.

App Title: Title forms the second significant role where in appears on the search list as prior. By this people comes to avail the service. For sure you can get the best title from our professionals.

App Description: With this description you can say in short what you do. We follow this according to SEO ethical and provide a brief description about your service.

Off-Page Relevance Factors

Usage weights: Says about your average application usage.

Discard rates: How often it gets deleted and how many “delete it” after using.

Downloads: Describes more about how many downloaded it.

Reviews: Reviewing on user score how many use it and how people are comfort in it.

We not only get recognized the importance in ASO but also design specifically for them which purely depends on their business requirements. We constantly update the latest trend in markets to guide you in various parameters which focus your apps success.

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