Google Take Off Beta Label Of It’s Mod_Pagespeed

Previously most of the developers and webmasters are stuck with speed of their page in web.  To make it easy Google was released Beta version of the Mode_pagespeed in 2010. As per the Google, since that day onwards their developers are working to improve the quality and performance of this open source Apache model, which automatically optimize the web page and their resources. After two years and eighteen releases, they are going to remove the Beta label.

Google says that, developers are working with open source community to improve mod_pagespeed including better, more, smarter and also support for other web servers. Almost 120,000 sites are using this mod_pagespeed to improve their web page performance by using the recent techniques and trends in optimization.

This mod_pagespeed is used by individual sites across the world. This is also afforded by the hosting providers like Go Daddy, DreamHost and content delivery networks.  As per the Google webmaster central blog, says this move will make more benefits for most sites from the web performance improvements offered through the mod_pagespeed.

Mod_pagespeed is the important product to help to make the web faster for everyone. Mostly users prefer the pages with speed. These faster pages will get the higher user engagement, retention and conversion. Google offering technologies and tools like Pagespeed Insights, Page optimization and Google Analytical to improve performance, quantify.

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