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Brochures are your windows in people’s hands. Through these brochures, people could see the range of services you can offer, your expertise, your style of work, your concept, your philosophy and lot more about your brand. Your company’s branding may have got many dimensions, but brochures are something very personal. Why we call them personal? It is because everyone gets their own brochure, it is physical, it can be owned, it can be felt. Thus a brochure can do wonders for your brand.

It is important that your brochure carries the right idea and passes the right message across to the viewer. A brochure design is therefore very important for you to convert your idea into a folded product.

For us at devIMS, a brochure is a great opportunity to exhibit our creative talent and designing expertise. Our team excels in brochure designs and can create the magic of graphics design / web design on to a printed sheet. We have always received great response from our clients for the kind of customization we have done and the amazing creativity we have showcased in the brochures we have worked on. For us a brochure is not only a thing of beauty but also a thing of purpose and concept.

There are two major factors while designing a brochure. Brochure designing experts in devIMS and the entire industry would accept to the fact that the following two major factors are very vital for any great brochure design.

Design expertise: The very important aspect of a brochure. The technical knowledge and skills of bringing the idea in your mind onto a sheet of paper requires design expertise that is only possible by a few in our industry. Few colors may not suit the kind of brochure you want to have and few designs may suit the idea aptly. The experts at devIMS can amalgamate many ideas into one. For instance, a brochure will carry a logo design, a part of your web design and a template. Our experts know how to technically integrate all these into one brochure thus bringing your whole business in the viewers hands.

Creativity: We just cannot do without it. A brochure without creativity is as equal to a handbill that is just information based. Bringing in creativity in a brochure should be a result of:

understanding the concept of the business / service

easy to understand and to-the-point methodology of working

converting concepts into creative solutions

This type of creativity that is purpose-driven will communicate messages clearly. devIMS is global player in creating sensible brochures with creativity. Ours are brochures that do not just believe in few strokes, colors and designs, but we are driven by our passion to give the conceptualized pieces of work to our clients.,

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